Improving CSR and RSCM in the International Shipping and Marine Industry

IMPA ACT is an exclusive community of ship purchasers and suppliers working to become sustainability frontrunners by working towards compliance with internationally endorsed standards.

IMPA ACT is an independent initiative of the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) that seeks to improve the economic, social and environmental compliance of its ship purchaser and supplier members. IMPA ACT represents international best practice and is aligned with UN principles.

At the core of the IMPA ACT Initiative is the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct (IMPA ACT SCoC), a set of social, environmental and economic principles that are based on internationally endorsed UN minimum expectations for businesses and represent current best practice. Those participating in the IMPA ACT Initiative commit to working towards alignment with the Supplier Code of Conduct over time, both internally and within their supply chains. Unlike other codes of conduct, the IMPA ACT SCoC is adaptable i.e. you only have to develop systems for managing environmental, social, and economic principles that are relevant to your organisation.

By moving from a mass of individual company created codes and systems into an industry wide initiative, shipping companies and their suppliers will save costs and time and can be part of a constantly evolving and developing programme that represents best practice, and is in line with international expectations on CSR.

The two main ways in which ship owners, ship managers, and ship suppliers participate in IMPA ACT:

  1. Ship suppliers can join by becoming an IMPA ACT Supplier Member and gain access to a full premium listing on or
  2. Ship owners and managers can join by becoming an IMPA ACT Purchasing Member and gaining access to the full range of resources, guidance, and database

IMPA ACT also offers tailored trainings on RSCM and CSR on an on-going basis and provides consulting on RSCM policy, strategy and implementation for the shipping and marine industry.

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IMPA ACT Purchasing Members Benefits

IMPA ACT Purchasing Members gain access to pragmatic advice, draft content such as contract clauses and supplier engagement templates, case studies, as well as step-by-step guides to assist the development of a RSCM and CSR strategy using the IMPA ACT 6 Step Process.

The online IMPA ACT Members’ section also allows IMPA ACT Purchasing Members to identify suppliers that are engaging in the IMPA ACT Purchasing RSCM process and track the performance of their suppliers. The database allows IMPA ACT Members to share the effort of engaging with suppliers by avoiding overlaps.

Other IMPA ACT Purchasing Membership benefits include:

  • Access to free Monthly webinars on Responsible Supply Chain Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Risk Management
  • A personalised IMPA ACT logo for use on promotional material and online
  • Promotion within IMPA ACT and IMPA’s print media and social media
  • Demonstrating a tangible commitment to promoting sustainability and CSR within shipping by supporting IMPA ACT’s Advocacy work
  • Discounted rates on IMPA ACT Training and Consulting
  • VIP Invitations to IMPA ACT events at the annual IMPA conferences

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IMPA ACT Supplier Members Benefits

By signing up, IMPA ACT Supplier Members are taking an important step in demonstrating a commitment to being a quality and responsible supplier via the dedicated supplier website,, or SMS

IMPA ACT Supplier Membership benefits include:

  • An Industry-recognised logo
  • Premium listing on SMS
  • Your Company highlighted and at top of search results for products on SMS
  • Automatic entry into the inaugural International Maritime Excellence Awards
  • Certificate of Registration for display in your offices
  • Assistance from IMPA ACT’s trained consultants on becoming compliant and help with being able to demonstrate this to your existing and prospective customers.
  • Dedicated resources, such as podcasts, webinars and tailored step-by-step guides on how to respond to compliance and sustainability criteria, the IMPA ACT SCoC and other sustainability and compliance activities.

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How IMPA ACT Members Participate

IMPA ACT Supplier Members commit to respecting the IMPA ACT SCoC internally. IMPA ACT Purchasing Members commit to respecting the IMPA ACT SCoC both internally within their company and externally with by promoting the IMPA ACT SCoC to their suppliers.

Most company have some experience with putting in place systems to manage risks. This could include Occupational Health & Safety procedures, Business Ethics Commitments, or Environmental Efficiency standards.

To meet the requirements of the IMPA ACT SCoC, IMPA ACT Members work towards building a preventative management system in order to reduce their adverse impacts on human rights, the environment and anti-corruption. This will usually involve:

  • Publicly Committing to respect the IMPA ACT SCoC, usually via the member’s company website
  • Undertaking Due Diligence to identify actual and potential impacts on the social, environmental, and economic principles within the IMPA ACT SCoC
  • Reducing any adverse/negative impacts that are identified and remedying any adverse impacts that cannot be mitigated.

IMPA ACT understands that like all organisational change, it will not happen overnight. Therefore, IMPA ACT allows membership to implement changes at their own pace and leverage off their existing responsibility and compliance work.

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