Current IMPA ACT Supplier Members

By signing up, IMPA ACT Supplier Members are taking an important step in demonstrating a commitment to being a quality and responsible supplier via the dedicated supplier website,, or SMS., or SMS, is an independent platform/database that will serve as the first point of call for ship owners and manager seeking responsible and quality suppliers. Additionally, SMS will assist IMPA ACT members tracking their existing and potential suppliers’ compliance with the IMPA ACT SCoC and other sustainability and compliance activities.

IMPA ACT Supplier Members will be recognised as a top ship supplier with a full premium listing on SMS which highlights their company, puts them at the top of search results for products, and spotlights the member on the homepage.

As already noted by some of our IMPA ACT Purchasing Members:

The SMS allows procurement and CSR personnel to evaluate and discover suppliers who are working towards the IMPA ACT programme, it’s a great initiative and should prove highly valuable. Kathrine Geisler Madsen, Manager, Communication & CSR | Corporate Communications & CSR, J. Lauritzen
Being able to register our suppliers onto the SMS database is essential to help track and monitor progress on IMPA ACT and sustainability. Ole Lykke, Head of Strategic Purchasing at D/S NORDEN A/S

Additional IMPA ACT Supplier Membership benefits

  • An Industry-recognised logo
  • Premium listing on SMS
  • Your Company highlighted and at top of search results for products on SMS
  • Automatic entry into the inaugural International Maritime Excellence Awards
  • Certificate of Registration for display in your offices
  • Assistance from IMPA ACT’s trained consultants on becoming compliant and help with being able to demonstrate this to your existing and prospective customers
  • Dedicated resources, such as podcasts, webinars and tailored step-by-step guides on how to respond to compliance and sustainability criteria, the IMPA ACT SCoC and other sustainability and compliance activities.

The fee for IMPA ACT Supplier Membership is £599 per annum for IMPA members and £899 for non-IMPA members.

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Suppliers Questions Answered

What is IMPA ACT?

IMPA ACT is an initiative of IMPA that seeks to improve the sustainability of the international shipping industry. Until now, IMPA ACT members have been a group of leading ship owning and managing companies that are committed to implementing the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) both internally in their company and with their suppliers.

Due to demand both leading suppliers and ship owners and managers, IMPA ACT will be opening up its membership to suppliers. Being an IMPA ACT Supplier Member will give suppliers the chance to receive guidance to becoming compliant with ship owners and managers demands, exposure to existing and potential customers, as well as creating a platform to recognize the hard work that suppliers take in implementing compliance and sustainability measures.

The IMPA ACT SCoC represents the best practice shipping industry standard for social, economic, and environmental compliance.

Why is it important for suppliers to get involved with IMPA ACT and sustainability/responsible business practice?

The responsibility/sustainability movement can be likened to that of quality management. As higher quality products that reduced risk and were more reliable were valued more than cheaper alternatives, so too are responsible suppliers able to reduce risks and comply with environmental, social and governance standards.

For suppliers engaging in compliance and responsible business practice, there has not been a platform for their work to be recognised as a value-added service. This means that there has not been the proper return on investment (ROI) on compliance activities. IMPA ACT Supplier Membership provides a platform for to recognise front running quality and responsible suppliers.

What is the cost of IMPA ACT Supplier Membership?

The fee for IMPA ACT Supplier Membership is £599 per annum for IMPA members and £899 for non-IMPA members. Unfortunately there are no additional discounts available, as the cost of membership has been significantly reduced to provide a quality and affordable services.

If individual members hired individual consultants to develop and communicate their sustainability and compliance plan, it would cost thousands of pounds just. By having several suppliers joining IMPA ACT, the cost of hiring a dedicated administration and consultancy team is improved with economies of scale. This means that the quality resources and guidance can be developed at a price that is not a barrier to entry.

If I sign up, what do I need to do? How quickly do I need to implement these changes?

By signing up, IMPA ACT Supplier Members are taking an important step in demonstrating a commitment to being a quality and responsible supplier. Over time, you will work on building up your profile page to highlight how you are becoming responsible. This will include whether you are working towards compliance with the IMPA ACT SCoC, have relevant certifications and approvals, as well as any policies in places such as policies on safety and ethics.

Like all organisational change, it will not happen over night. However, SMS allows IMPA ACT Supplier Members to communicate to their clients the existing hard work that they undertaken in the areas of compliance and sustainability, as well as identifying the areas in which they may need some capacity building and improvement. For more intensive in-house assistance, IMPA ACT Supplier Members are able to ‘hire a consultant’ on a discounted hourly rate.

As an added bonus for IMPA ACT Supplier Members who are active in completing their online SMS profile, IMPA and IMPA ACT will be launching the inaugural International Maritime Excellence Awards to recognise their hard work. Entries will be judged on the basis of SMS profiles, so entry is automatic and free for IMPA ACT Supplier Members.

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