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IMPA ACT Purchasing Membership is an affordable solution that allows shipping professionals to become aligned with internationally endorsed corporate governance principles, CSR and RSCM at their own pace. IMPA ACT Membership takes the guesswork out of RSCM and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

IMPA ACT Members gain access to pragmatic advice, draft content and resources, case studies, as well as step-by-step guides to assist the development of a RSCM and CSR strategy. The online IMPA ACT Members section also allows IMPA ACT Members to identify suppliers that are engaging in the IMPA ACT RSCM process and track the performance of their suppliers. The database allows IMPA ACT Members to share the effort of engaging with suppliers by avoiding overlaps.

Current IMPA ACT Purchasing Members

Our IMPA ACT Purchasing Members are a group of front running ship owners and managers committed to Sustainability and RSCM.

IMPA ACT Purchasing Members gain access to pragmatic advice, draft content such as contract clauses and supplier engagement templates, case studies, as well as step-by-step guides to assist the development of a RSCM and CSR strategy using the IMPA ACT 6 Step Process.

The online IMPA ACT Members’ section also allows IMPA ACT Purchasing Members to identify suppliers that are engaging in the IMPA ACT Purchasing RSCM process and track the performance of their suppliers. The database allows IMPA ACT Members to share the effort of engaging with suppliers by avoiding overlaps

Other IMPA ACT Purchasing Membership benefits include:

  • Access to free Monthly webinars on Responsible Supply Chain Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Risk Management
  • A personalised IMPA ACT logo for use on promotional material and online

  • Promotion within IMPA ACT and IMPA’s print media and social media
  • Demonstrating a tangible commitment to promoting sustainability and CSR within shipping by supporting IMPA ACT’s Advocacy work
  • Discounted rates on IMPA ACT Training and Consulting
  • VIP Invitations to IMPA ACT events at the annual IMPA conferences

Saving costs through an industry standard

Until now if companies wanted to adopt RSCM many would need to invest large amounts of money into the project involving consultancy fees; many human hours researching the background and the philosophy and then promoting and communicating this at length to suppliers and other stakeholders.

By creating an industry standard, IMPA ACT and our partners have done the work for you! By moving from a mass of individual company created codes and systems into an industry wide initiative, shipping companies and their suppliers will save costs and time and can be part of a constantly evolving and developing programme that represents best practice, and is in line with international expectations on CSR.

Meeting international expectations

Up until very recently there was little in the form of authoritative guidance on how businesses should address their impacts on human rights.

This changed with the introduction of the UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs) in 2011 which have been universally adopted by the UN, EU and OECD providing businesses with a single authoritative reference point that enables a level playing field as the UNGPs apply to all businesses the world over.

Auditing and efficiency

Working to an industry standard provides costs savings in relation to auditing and the exchange of information. In time IMPA ACT will offer buyers the ability to share data and information gained on different but common suppliers, thereby sharing the workload. The IMPA ACT process and systems audit approach, which focuses on the suppliers’ ability to manage their impacts on human rights, the environment and anti-corruption, is expected to be faster and therefore less costly.

Process requirements enable identification of areas that are prone to adverse impacts, which means you can prevent them from happening in the future. This will save costs, as providing access to remedy can be an expensive business in cases of actual adverse impacts.

Build better relationships

The IMPA ACT RSCM Platform takes a partnership approach to working with suppliers on the part of the shipowner, as such the six stage process of the programme encourages dialogue and a deeper understanding of the supplier’s operations, something often appreciated by suppliers. This enhanced insight improves the buyer/supplier relationship, which is at the heart of IMPA ACT’s philosophy and that of its members.

Further, the programme is less aggressive than the command and control style of approach which lacks the tools to foster a practical mutual business understanding.

Reputation management

These days we are all well aware of the far-reaching influence of the media, the impact of negative coverage towards a company can be extremely damaging and costly. There are several high profile cases concerning multi-national corporations and their supply chain activities on which to draw. By adopting the IMPA ACT programme a business can be said to be ‘acting in good faith’ and working to the best practice in the sector.

This can be valuable in answering questions on a business behaviour should the need arise whilst demonstrating to a wide range of stakeholders how the company is indeed a bonafide business. In other instances positive PR can be gained too from involvement in such an initiative as it clearly demonstrates to the industry, stakeholders etc. that the company is active in meeting societal expectations which are evolving and changing all the time.

Minimising risks

The IMPA ACT RSCM Platform concentrates on the suppliers’ process and systems in the way they deal with human rights, including labour rights, environmental and anti-corruption principles, rather than the performance of just a few selected rights. This means we minimise the risks and effects of negative impacts on all human rights, the environment and corruption.

The IMPA ACT programme provides the direction in terms of how to conduct due diligence prior to discovery of adverse impacts saving time and resources on redressing impacts that could have been prevented.

On-going support and capacity development

IMPA ACT Members gain access to the IMPA ACT Resource Centre, an online learning and resource centre that provides a stream of updated information, case studies, reports and other information and material. This will assist you implementing the IMPA ACT 6-step Responsible Supply Chain Management within your company’s value chain.

Further capacity development is also available through our training programme or recommended consultants.

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