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Consultancy services for IMPA ACT Purchasing Members

Getting Started with IMPA ACT

IMPA is now offering ship owning and operating companies a dedicated consultancy session in order to gain a thorough understanding of the background and processes involved in the IMPA ACT programme. These tailored sessions are being offered to new IMPA ACT members who want a walk through of the processes involved in responsible supply chain management (RSCM).

It will cover all the basics and help purchasers to get to grips with the terminology and framework for the programme and an ideal opportunity to ask questions. RSCM isn’t difficult or challenging but to many in the supply chain field it will be a new domain and these sessions provide the perfect opportunity to get off on the right track.

Each session will be tailored to meet the requirements of the company and will examine the following:

  • Background and requirements for RSCM
  • Risk analysis within the supply chain
  • Getting your house in order – A look at your own practices and procedures
  • First steps in communicating RSCM practice to suppliers
  • Getting to grips with the language of RSCM
  • Understanding the process
  • Design of a timeline and outline plan for your company
  • Questions and Answers

These sessions will be conducted over the telephone or in person if possible and will be scheduled in for a three-hour period at a time convenient to you and your staff.

Offered to IMPA ACT Members at the special rate of €300 (euro) plus VAT if applicable.

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Consultancy services for IMPA ACT Supplier Members

Navigating your way through the IMPA ACT and your Profile

The IMPA ACT team are now offering suppliers a dedicated consultancy session to help in getting to grips with the IMPA ACT Programme, including:

  • Complying with the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct (IMPA ACT SCoC)
  • Filling out the IMPA ACT Supplier Self-Assessment Survey (IMPA ACT SSAS)
  • Building a Profile.

IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct

The IMPA ACT SCoC is at the centre of the IMPA ACT Programme and is sent to suppliers by IMPA ACT Purchasing Members. It is also the expectation the IMPA ACT Supplier members will move towards compliance with the code.

Complying with the code involves undertaking a public policy commitment, due diligence, mitigation, and remediation. This process may seem daunting along, but with the expert advice of IMPA ACT’s consultants, you will be guided step-by-step and learn how to leverage your existing work to meeting the IMPA ACT SCoC.

IMPA ACT Supplier Self-Assessment Survey

Let us put your mind at rest straight away with the content and requirements of this form. Let us guide you through the questions and help you understand the issues and needs of your customers with a three hour consulting session that will examine your operating procedures and make sure you get off on the right track in this valuable and important field.

We will help you understand the language and terminology of the IMPA ACT SSAS and all that it means. We will help you go through the questions and relate this in a practical and sensible way to you and your company and your existing operating procedures. We’ll reassure you that there is no hidden agenda here and that in fact this can be a great way to build and enhance the relationship you enjoy with your customers. Profile

IMPA ACT Supplier Members ‘build their profile’ on the exclusive shipping platform,, promoting their compliance credentials and commitment to responsibility to current and prospective clients.

IMPA ACT’s consultants’ are able to provide comprehensive advice on how to make the most of your profile and how to develop policies in alignment with the IMPA ACT programme.

Booking a session

These sessions will be conducted over the telephone or in person if possible and will be scheduled in for a three-hour period at a time convenient to you and your staff.

Offered to IMPA ACT Supplier Members at the special rate of €300 (euro) plus VAT if applicable

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Further consulting services

The IMPA ACT RSCM Platform includes an online forum and resource centre that provides a stream of updated information, case studies, reports and other information and material to assist in meeting these challenges.

For further consulting assistance in the implementation of IMPA ACT, we recommend the services of GLOBAL CSR.


GLOBAL CSR specialises in sustainable solutions for private companies, public authorities and organisations. With a point of departure in the Triple Bottom Line and internationally recognized principles, GLOBAL CSR focuses particularly on the social dimension of CSR. Established in 1996, the company has carried out assignments in more than 65 countries and has been involved in setting the international agenda on social sustainability. Read more about their services here or by visiting their website.

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