The International Maritime Purchasing Association, or IMPA, represents the interests of the purchasing profession within shipping, promoting close co-operation and understanding between buyers and suppliers in the industry. IMPA ACT is an independent initiative launched by IMPA in late 2013.

IMPA ACT is an initiative that seeks to improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the international shipping and marine industries. All businesses linked to the shipping and marine industries, including ship owners, ship suppliers, IMPA members, and other interested groups, are encouraged to join and support IMPA ACT.


IMPA ACT Team and International Programme Lead

IMPA ACT is currently run out of the IMPA HQ in Colchester, UK. The core IMPA ACT team consists of:

  • Stephen Alexander (IMPA COO and Programme Lead)
  • Nicole Roberts (IMPA ACT Operations Manager)
  • Charlotte French (IMPA ACT Membership Manager)
  • Tatiana Stotz (IMPA ACT Programme Manager and CSR Expert)

IMPA ACT is supported by the IMPA team and the IMPA ACT Advisory Board.

IMPA ACT recently strengthened its team with a CSR expert, Tatiana Stotz, who has been appointed as the IMPA ACT Programme Manager. Tatiana has significant experience in the fields of human rights, CSR and law, having held a number of roles in Australia, Asia and Europe. She joins IMPA from GLOBAL CSR, the Danish consultancy that helped to develop the IMPA ACT Initiative.

IMPA ACT history

IMPA ACT has drawn upon the work of the Danish Shipowners’ Association (Danmarks Rederiforening) in relation to CSR. The project ‘On Course for a Better World’ and its inspirational material on responsible supply chain management and supplier engagement signalled a need for the international shipping and marine industries to develop a pragmatic response to economic, environmental and social challenges in line with international principles.


  • An international marine and shipping industry that respects and promotes the management of potential and actual adverse impacts on society, the economy, and the environment
  • An international marine and shipping industry that leads by example and uses its international reach to effective positive economic, social and environmental change


  • To empower companies and their purchasing departments to manage negative social, economic, and environmental impacts within their supply chain
  • To ‘scale-up’ responsible supply chain management on an international level
  • To promote the respect of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights within the international shipping and marine industries

What others are saying

IMPA ACT is the first RSCM initiative to place the UNGPs at its very core and that not only makes it unique, but also very solid and robust. We expect that a range of different stakeholders (including businesses, other RSCM initiatives, governments, international organisations, journalists, civil society and academics) will be keen to follow IMPA ACT and interested to learn from the industry’s experiences

- GLOBAL CSR Advisor Signe Andreasen on the unique opportunity of IMPA ACT.

We really see an option for a closer engagement and partnering with our key suppliers. That’s what we are doing. This is us getting in dialogue with an external supplier – they will obviously get to know a piece of JL that will be to their advantage. On the other hand it has a positive internal impact on our organisation. Engaging in that dialogue, until now we’ve not had a supplier that didn’t want to talk to us about this – it’s been a very positive reaction from our suppliers

Kathrine Geisler-Madsen, CR Manager at J. Lauritzen, on the importance of working with IMPA ACT ’s approach to RSCM.

This represents great vision and great foresight on your part and I’m delighted to recommend this strategy to all of your members.

Dr Michael K Addo praised IMPA for the bold step it has taken in launching the IMPA ACT. Dr Addo is the chair of the UN Human Rights Council Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises.
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