IMPA ACT Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Lab: In-house

The IMPA ACT Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Lab is ideal for ship owning, management and ship supplying companies who have joined or considering joining the IMPA ACT initiative. Participants build capacity on how to identify, mitigate and remedy potential and actual corruption and human rights risks internally and within their supply chain.

The IMPA ACT Advanced RSCM Lab is the perfect follow up course from the IMPA ACT RSM Masterclass and compliment to the IMPA ACT Advanced Responsible Supply Chain Management (RSCM) Lab.

The IMPA ACT Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Lab assists shipping professionals tasked with safeguarding their companies against corruption and human rights risks. The training is delivered by IMPA ACT and consultants from the leading Danish CSR, GLOBAL CSR.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of:

  • the content of each human rights and anti-corruption principles contained within the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct
  • how actual and potential human rights and corruption impacts can emerge within shipping companies and companies linked to the shipping industry
  • how companies can mitigate and remedy risks in alignment with international principles.

Who will benefit from the IMPA ACT Advanced RSCM

  • Junior to Senior Shipping Professionals responsible for/with an interested in the implementation of RSCM. Participants may come from a variety of business departments, including Procurement/Purchasing, Legal, CSR, Marketing, HR, OH&S, Environmental Compliance, Business Development, and/or Senior Management.
  • Current or Future IMPA ACT Members

A more complete understanding of these principles enables participants to put international guidelines into practice – assessing their current corporate social responsibility (CSR) and responsible supply chain management (RSCM) activities against the new expectations set forth by the UN, IFC, OECD, EU and various national governments.

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For more information about this event and to talk about registering your place, email Tatiana Stotz on

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    Available upon request. Discounts available for IMPA Members, IMPA ACT Members and Members of the Danish Ship Owners Association.
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