Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions form the basis of the contract through which the IMPA ACT Initiative (we or us) will deliver a service to you as an IMPA ACT Initiative member (you). On becoming a member of the IMPA ACT Initiative you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions and you are providing us with the appropriate consent to handle your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK).

Membership applications

Please note that all future communications and membership documents will be addressed to you according to the way that you enter your name on the online application form.

When joining as a member online, a contract is made between you and the IMPA ACT Initiative when: 1) your membership registration has been completed, 2) payment has been received in full, and 3) a welcome email has been sent to you.

When joining as a member by any other method, a contract is made between you and the IMPA ACT Initiative upon: 1) the successful processing of your application, and 2) when payment has been received in full. By submitting a membership application, the applicant agrees to these Terms & Conditions.

Membership applications will be considered by the IMPA ACT Initiative, retains the right to refuse applications.

All information provided by you to us must be true and accurate at the point of applying. In the event of any change of circumstances, such as change of contact details or moving jobs, you must notify the IMPA ACT Initiative in writing (preferably email) so that our records are up-to-date.

We aim to process membership applications within two weeks however, please allow up to 28 days for your membership application to be processed. If you become aware of any errors on your membership application subsequent to submitting it to the IMPA Act Initiative, please contact the IMPA ACT Programme Manager on info@impa-act.org or by telephone on +44 (0) 1206 798900.

Membership Benefits

As an IMPA ACT Initiative member, you will receive a wide range of benefits. Membership packages may vary according to the grade of membership held. A typical membership package may include, but is not limited to:

  • The IMPA ACT Toolbox

    A Tool-Box comprising of a series of collaboration or partnership approach documents and tools that follow the six stage IMPA ACT process for adopting RSCM. This is available in both for members in a hardcopy and online.

  • The Resource Centre

    An on-line learning and resource centre (linked to this site) that provides a stream of updated information, a database of companies working with IMPA ACT - tracking of their progress, case studies, reports and other information and material.

  • Branding

    Membership in the IMPA ACT Initiative also entitles members the use of the IMPA ACT logo and unique IMPA ACT number for publicity purposes and to assist in demonstrating their commitment to Responsible Supply Chain Management and corporate social responsibility to their stakeholders.

    We reserve the right to change the benefits that apply to the IMPA ACT Initiative membership at any time and without prior notice.

Member Participation

To gain the full benefits from the IMPA ACT Initiative, it is expected Members will actively engage in the initiative. Therefore, we encourage members to participate in the online Member community, to share best-case practice, and to inform the IMPA ACT Initiative of progress being made.

In the case of members who are ship-owner and managers, once a the member has reached Step 3 and selects suppliers it intends to partner with, the IMPA ACT Initiative should be informed of the potential partnerships in order to avoid an overlap of engagement with other ship-owners. During Steps 3 and 4, it is an expectation that ship-owners engage with the maximum number of suppliers that it has the resources and capacity to do so. For ship-owners with a fleet size over 10 ships, this shall be no less than 2 suppliers. Furthermore, in order to foster a collaborate approach to responsible supply chain management, it is an expectation that ship-owners will endeavor to adopt the same standards on social, economic and environmental compliance applicable to their suppliers.

Membership Payments, Renewals and Cancellations

Membership is fixed for a period of one calendar year starting from the 1st of the month after your approval date. Membership will be activated on receipt of payment. Payment must be received within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.

Payment can be made cheque, BACS or SWIFT. If membership payment remains outstanding, we will notify you by telephone, email or letter

It is the member's responsibility to advise the IMPA ACT Initiative of their intention not to renew. Subscription payments not received within one month of becoming due will result in the membership being considered lapsed and all services may be suspended pending payment. However, membership charges will continue to accrue, until resignation is received in writing, subject to the cancellation procedure outlined below.

To cancel your membership, you will need to notify us in writing at least one month before your subscription renewal is due. Where possible we request that you state the reason for cancelling the membership, which will be recorded for internal use only. Refunds will not be given for cancelled memberships.

Lapsed memberships

If your membership has lapsed for a period of 2 years or more, you will be required to complete a new membership application form. If your membership has lapsed for under 2 years, please contact the IMPA ACT Initiative Programme Manager on info@impa-act.org or by telephone on +44 (0) 1206 798900.

Code of Professional Conduct

The IMPA ACT Initiative requires all members to adhere to professional standards, including complying with the bye laws of the association, available at http://impa.net/uploads/misc/impa_bylaws.pdf.

Members shall establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on confidence, trust and respect. Members shall not encourage, assist or collude with others who may be engaged in unlawful conduct.

Terminating Membership

IMPA ACT Initiative reserves the right to revoke or decline to renew membership at its entire discretion. For example, this may be exercised if in our opinion your conduct has damaged our reputation or if you have abused or misused your membership privileges, or if you are unwilling to work towards improving your corporate social responsibility performance internally.

Price Information

Membership fees are displayed on the application section of the website http://impaact.org/pricing

We reserve the right to increase the price of the membership subscription. You will be informed of any fee increase within your renewal email.

Information Services

Diligence and care should be taken when using the information provided. All services are subject to copyright law. We use our best endeavours to ensure all information provided by us is as up to date as possible. However, you should not rely on the information provided as the sole basis for making business, legal or other decisions. You should seek appropriate independent advice before making any such decisions.

The content of all IMPA ACT Initiative publications are the opinion of the author.

Data Protection Statement

IMPA ACT Initiative is fully committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 as amended or re-enacted.

IMPA ACT Initiative is the Data Controller and Data Processor of any personal data you supply. The personal data you supply will be used to process your membership subscription. As a member of IMPA ACT Initiative your data will be used for marketing, statistical and analytical purposes and to administer your membership, including publishing your contact details in the IMPA ACT Initiative membership web site. You will receive membership communications and from time to time we will let you know about promotions. If you provide us with your e-mail address, then we may send information which may be of interest.

We do not pass data to any third party.

If you believe that any of the information we hold concerning you is incorrect or out of date, please provide us with the accurate information at the address below

Use of impa-act.org and Web Forums As a member it is your responsibility to keep members’ area login password and membership details confidential.

IMPA Act Initiative expects all members to post ideas and comments on IMPA Act Initiative web forums, in a professional and appropriate manner. The full terms of the impa.net Terms of use can be found http://impa.net/site/termsof-use/


Our liability to you will not extend to any membership related benefits, goods or services provided by an external provider. We specifically exclude liability for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of your involvement in whatever manner with an external provider. Our liability to you arising from this membership contract shall not in any event exceed the cost of your annual membership

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

IMPA Act Initiative Brand

As an IMPA ACT Initiative member you are permitted to use the IMPA ACT Initiative Logo on your stationery and website and marketing materials. You should follow the guidelines for use of the logo which can be found on the members’ area of the IMPA ACT Initiative website. Should your membership become lapsed, cancelled or revoked you will be required to remove all reference to IMPA ACT Initiative from your company materials including the IMPA ACT Initiative logo. Additional IMPA ACT Initiative branding at the ‘Step 6: Audit’ stage will be subject to additional guidelines available on the IMPA ACT Initiative Resource Centre.

Contact details for queries, comments and complaints

Telephone: +44 (0) 1206 798900

Email: info@impa-act.org

Postal address: IMPA Secretariat Office, East Bridge House, East Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 2TX, United Kingdom

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